I am once again starting up my monthly or bi-monthly supper clubs. This is a great time!

This usually consist of a group of friends or neighbors that get together once in awhile to join in what I all a ‘working dinner party’. Each month, a different couple plays host for the evening and your friends bring the booze. Who would not want that?

Typically, the host couple calls the shots. You can ask for a certain cuisine, ingredients or technique or can let the chips fall where they may and leave it up to me.

The reason I call these ‘working dinner parties’ is because we all chip in with prep, cooking, dishes, etc so we have more time to create great food.

I do usually require a minimum of six couples to start up your ‘supper club’. If you would like to do less please call me and we can discuss options.

Call me or email me to discuss how we can get you into rotation!