Whether you are looking to have an event centered around cocktails, wine or beer, we’ve got you covered. I can either supply wine or beer or you can take care of that. Whether you prefer a sit down dinner or, my favorite, and all out hors’ de oeuvres party, I can create dishes that will go perfectly with your poison of choice.

Cocktails. While I cannot make cocktails myself, because I will be a little busy, we can arrange to have a bartender available should you decide to go that route. You are also more than welcome to make your own cocktails and I can make food that will pair perfectly with your cocktail(s) of choice.

Bourbon and whiskey. Oh beloved brown juice. I myself am a bourbon man. I absolutely love doing bourbon parties! Whether you have your own collection or want me to supply the elixir, it is on! Wanna spread the love? Ask each of your guests to bring a NICE bottle to share. The best part is the leftovers find a place in your cabinet. This is really fun because you have no idea what you are gonna end up with.

Bottom line, no matter which way you choose to go you are guaranteed an excellent evening undoubtedly. Cheers!