Todd Andersen

RiverHouse provisions was founded by chef Todd Andersen in late 2015. Andersen’s passion for creative and unique cuisine was discovered at the acclaimed 302 West restaurant in Geneva, Illinois, just outside Chicago. The late Joel Findlay was his inspiring, passionate and borderline certifiable mentor, to whom he owes his fearless and irreverent attitude in the kitchen. In the years since Andersen’s first professional kitchen experience, he has worked at restaurants, catering companies, and fish markets, further building his passion. in 2001, he started a small business operating dinner parties in people’s homes and businesses. Looking for something different and a new challenge, Andersen sold off most of his possessions, packed his bags and headed to Virginia to be a private chef for a family. This move eventually led Andersen back to Illinois where he served as chef/house manager for two different families. In 2005, Andersen made the move to Indianapolis, to once again do the private chef thing for a prominent Indianapolis family. After a few different private clients over the course of nine years, Andersen is reinventing his career and life path. Out of passion and necessity, RiverHouse Provisions was born. RiverHouse is multi-faceted food company offering a myriad of services. We offer in home dinner parties, classes, monthly supper clubs, weekly meals, and special offerings for sale. We are also working on a couple lines of prepared foods for sale via internet orders, farmers’ markets, and retail markets. Andersen is passionate about always custom tailoring any event to not only fit the customer’s need but also their personality. RiverHouse has no set menus. No set formula. EVERY event is created with the client in mind, giving them and their guests an incredible experience, and always going beyond expectations. Andersen lives for coming into a client’s home and blowing them away with amazing restaurant quality quality food that never disappoints. He enjoys feeding a crowd, a family, or a person with a desire and/or need for nutritious food on a regular basis. For Andersen, there is nothing more gratifying than seeing smiling clients after experiencing his cuisine. His satisfied clients include professional athletes, business leaders, neighbors, families, friends, creatives and an NFL team owner. RiverHouse provisions would be honored to include you to the list.